Inside Downtown Denver’s LoDo Neighborhood

Welcome to Denver’s Historic LoDo Neighborhood: a premier neighborhood with incredible local presence and a vast history. 

This month’s neighborhood feature is the Historic LoDo which appropriately stands for Lower Downtown. The 23 square blocks that make up LoDo also represent the original settlement of Denver and house the oldest buildings in the city.
The city of Denver started out as a small settlement called Denver City founded by General William Larimer back in 1858. In the next 40 years, Denver’s city growth would continuously increase and thrive with the building of the Transcontinental Railroad from Denver to Cheyenne and the booming silver rush sweeping the front range.

The Lower Downtown Historic District of LoDo was formed in 1988 to preserve the significant architectural, historical, and economic value of the area. As a historic neighborhood, all existing resources and 127 historic structures remain intact. A zoning ordinance was also enacted to restrict building heights and encourage mixed-use development for effective rehabilitation and new construction.

 Where the Locals Go:
There are tons of wonderful local eateries, coffee shops, boutiques, businesses and galleries in LoDo. Some of our favorites include:
  1. The Market at Larimer Square. Whether you are looking for hand-crafted coffee or tea drinks, an amazing home cooked meal, or home-made ice-cream, this is the place to be! The Market has been serving happy customers since 1983 – a true LoDo sensation!
  2. Osteria Marco. This classy family-style Italian restaurant is sure to please! With a selection of artisanal cheeses and meats made on site, an extensive wine list, a tasty dry-Italian fare, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Tom’s Urban Diner. This more recent addition at the gateway of Larimer Square, friends are encouraged to MEET, EAT + DRINK the exceptional modern American cuisine offerings and epic cocktail creations. Their kitchen is open late too and is a nice spot to fill up after a great night out on the town.
  4. Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen. Come experience the tasty array of the hand-made sausages on site and the other twisty chef’s creations offered here. They have a nice array of cocktails, wines, and beers. Great friendly atmosphere with a nice western facing view from the upper windows.
  5. Corridor 44. Experience lots of elegance and class at Denver’s only champagne bar – perfect for a romantic date night out or a small gathering of ladies for happy hour, this bar is sure to please!
  6. Union Station. One of the oldest remaining building’s in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood, Union Station recently went through a huge remodel and there are tons of wonderful restaurants and bars that can be found inside. Come experience Denver’s history in this landmark!

There are SO MANY other great places to go in LoDo – we just can’t feature them all here.

Check out AvenueWest Denver’s Trendy Fully Furnished Short Term Rentals Available in the premier LoDo neighborhood:

AvenueWest Denver Managed Corporate Housing’s New Owners Have Growth on Their Minds

Since 2001, Angela Healy worked for AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing in Denver – helping founders, Kimberly and Eric Smith, manage their financials and run the day-to-day operations. Angela was pivotal in helping AvenueWest grow and find success over the years – including early on in the business when the company took a financial hit in the failing economy. Over the years, Angela helped the Smiths create the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Franchise model and even assisted with the on-boarding of the franchisee team in Colorado Springs.

Along the way, Angela learned that Kimberly and Eric’s long-term plans were to eventually franchise the Denver market.

“When I told Tim [my husband] that AvenueWest Denver was available for purchase as a franchise, he said, ‘Have you ever thought of us buying Denver?’ I’d been working in the business for so long that it made sense that I would be the perfect successor,” says Angela. “The best part was that my husband had always wanted to own a business – so it was truly the right fit for us to do together.”

Kimberly says that Angela was a natural fit to take over the business given her experience and deep corporate housing knowledge.

“Between her strong corporate housing background experience and Tim’s impressive business acumen and entrepreneurial desires, Eric and I knew they were the right team to take over the Denver market,” says Kimberly.

Denver skyline

AvenueWest Denver Changes Hands

In 2010, the Healys officially purchased the AvenueWest Denver franchise, thus beginning their journey as corporate housing entrepreneurs.

After taking over AvenueWest Denver, the Healys became iron-focused on their mission: To match those seeking corporate housing in Denver with those offering furnished, short-term rental properties.

“We are lucky to live in Denver as we get to cater to a variety of people in need of corporate housing, from business professionals and traveling consultants to relocating employees, traveling healthcare professionals, on-assignment military personnel, traveling theater companies and more,” says Tim.

 The State of Denver’s Corporate Housing Market

Angela and Tim add that Denver is traditionally a high-demand market for corporate housing, and they don’t see that changing anytime soon.

“While we are currently seeing a lot of clients sell their properties because it’s a hot seller’s market, at the same time we are adding new clients who are looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to managing and marketing their unique furnished properties available for rent,” says Angela.

One of the ways Angela and Tim say they maintain steady inventory throughout market fluctuations is by offering great customer service, competitive pricing, unique properties, and win-win partnerships with those who own properties in desirable locations.

“We manage about 30 properties in the Spire (891 14th St. Denver), an upscale condo community in downtown Denver that offers panoramic views of the city and resort-style amenities. We are able to offer these properties to discerning individuals and groups who want to experience Denver’s culture and vibrant downtown scene while traveling to the Mile High City,” says Tim.

Steep Learning Curve

While Tim had little corporate housing experience when he took over AvenueWest Denver in 2011, he says he has since undergone a steep learning curve.

“At first corporate housing was like speaking a foreign language,” he says, “But today it feels like a natural progression in my career and offers me the flexibility I desire to balance my family-life with my professional-life.”

Above all, Tim says that having AvenueWest as the backdrop of their franchise gives them the name recognition and instant trust in the industry.

“Partnering with an award-winning, well-respected name in corporate housing not only brings us high quality referrals, but also helps us solidify relationships with new prospects who have come to know and trust the AvenueWest brand for more than a decade,” says Tim.